Ten Crosby Ventures, led by Carlo Barbara, is a company dedicated to identifying and acquiring a profitable business that can be effectively managed by the owner. Carlo values integrity and discipline and aims to be a responsible steward of the acquired businesses, considering the well-being of the team and community.

The company focuses its search within a 30-minute drive from the George Washington Bridge, with a preference for Northern NJ. Target businesses should have an enterprise value ranging from 1.5 to 5 million dollars, and the equity proceeds will be provided by the principal.

Carlo seeks opportunities where he can enhance efficiency and expand the reach of the acquired businesses through technological advancements and operational improvements. While all industries are considered, restaurants, construction, gas stations, and car washes are excluded from consideration.

Ten Crosby Ventures is committed to a streamlined, swift, and confidential acquisition process. The team aims to conduct the search efficiently and discretely to identify suitable businesses that align with Carlo's vision and expertise.

Carlo Barbara brings over two decades of business experience to Ten Crosby Ventures, with a track record of driving value through technology. His previous roles at Goldman Sachs, Rent The Runway, Stoneridge Asset Management, Catalyst Power, and the New Sono Deli have provided him with extensive experience in leading large cross-functional projects that combine digital and physical aspects. These projects required coordination with individuals from diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and motivations.

Carlo holds a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Columbia University, which has further enriched his understanding of technology and its application in business.